• Stop in at John the Muffler Man, Milwaukee's full service auto repair shop, and get a free estimate! We will get you a competitive price for your repair and back it up with the quality service we've always provided. All inspections are free with the exception of brakes. There is a $10 fee for brake inspections, however if we perform the work on your vehicle the fee is waived.



First Come, First Serve!

At John the Muffler Man, complete auto service, we take our customers on a first come, first serve basis. It's convenient for you because you don't have to sit and make an appointment. Most repairs are done same day, but for some of those that might take longer, then we'll have you schedule an appointment.

What people say

K. Cox

“I won't take my car anywhere else! They were so helpful, friendly and sincere. I got an honest opinion, a good price and quality service I can rely on!”